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About Donor Rewards:

Each Donation level will come with a proportional reward.  Please scroll through the photos above to see some samples of the leggings, publicity about the leggings and to view some of my oil paintings/skills that I am offering as a thank you to Donors.  Any SaAmDesigns Leggings that are NOT the YXL's (being manufactured) will be received  6 weeks after your donation.  Any Designer Graphic T's will be received 2 weeks after your donation.  The YXL (Sea-Island Fibre) Vegan Leather Zip Leggings will be received 3 months after manufacturing - which is approximately at the end of September 2016. The "ILOVESaAmDesigns Donation" level (offering an oil of your chosen subject sized 36" or less) and the "It'sHappening Donation!" level (offering an oil of your chosen subject sized 5' or less) will warrant 6 months or less to receive after the donation.  For choices of graphics and legging textiles - go to this link:

About SaAmDesigns: 

I have designed the perfect legging for ALL BODY TYPES!  The SaAmDesigns Signature Leggings!  Like jeans, leggings have become a staple in fashion and they are not going away any time soon.  My signature design perfects all body types!  Short, tall, plus size, hippy or narrow, your figure will get a boost!  I have made (from my humble abode), worn and sold these leggings for over 10 years to fans from Paris, FR, New York, NY, Tokyo, JP to Los Angeles, CA and every single time, I am constantly blown away how I'm stopped over and over again and asked, "where can I get those?"  It is past time, I bring these to the next level: the department stores - who have always shown great interest!  Made in America and ready to optimize your figure, these leggings have stood the test of time.  I have in place the years of research, product testing & vendors waiting to bring this product to the public platform in a big way. 

Your donations will help me begin and complete the process of manufacturing: 1 color way of my (Black) of YXL Vegan Leather Side Zip Leggings.  I am offering multiple levels of gratitude, because I actually want my fans to wear the leggings!  Any donations will be honored in some way, no matter how large or small!   Your body will thank you, your significant other and of course, I do thank you in advance for all your efforts in helping me bring SaAmDesigns to market!! 

About the fabric : State of the art fabric - YXL "Sea-Island Fibre" boasts:

Product Features of YXL "Sea-Island Fibre"

  • Soft Touch Because the micro fibers are small in diameter and low in bending friction, they are soft and delicate in touching and smooth in hand-feeling.
  • Moisture-Permeable and Waterproof Based on geometrical principles, the micro fibers can be used to increase the density of a textile, and achieve moisture permeability and waterproofing. Also it can be combined with other processes, such as micro-porous film cumulative layers, PU coating, etc., to become more high-class moisture permeable, waterproof fabrics.
  • Ventilation and Comfort Due to their higher number of filament count than the other regular yarn, fiber's surface area is big and can imitate the micro-porous structure of natural leather to increase clothing's ventilation.
  • Excellent Weatherproofing With a packed density, can generate a micro-weather effect, with the thermal insulation feature.

What your donation will help me accomplish:

Overview of Funds for manufacturing one run - approximately yielding 300 units of high fashion Black YXL Vegan Side Zip Leggings, Sizes 0-18 Regular (length) and 0-18 Tall (length).

MSRP: $289.00-$298.00

Production Pattern Technical Designer/Product testing/Product development: $3500

Fabric: $6200

Hang tags: $350-$550

Fiber content/Size/RN #/Care tag: $450

Name/logo Labels: $500

Zippers: $1000

Manufacturing: $4500-$6000

Cutters: $500

Pattern Markers: $1500

Pattern Grading: $650 -$850

Samples/Sample making: $750-$900


I have had many customers from the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, United States, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia to The Netherlands. 

Here is a sampling of the many reviews SAmDesigns Leggings have received from fans, happy customers, bloggers & return customers:

"Please, keep making some other beautiful clothes like that.........I love my pants so much................bonne annee......happy new year......."                                                                                                   

                              - Mona Jabert, Quebec

"Sorry for late review, thanks so much, I really enjoy this item. waiting for next one! :)"                           

                          - Satomi Kosaka, Japan (6 x return customer)

"These are fabulous. SaAm's sizing is spot on. I love art clothing.....thank you!"                        

                                     -  Dana Ahern, Chicago

"Lace pants are amazing beautifully made lovely seller"                                     

                                     - Allison Taylor, United Kingdom

"I am so glad that I bought these before she ran out of stock! OMG! These are cool, unusual, flattering, feminine, and timeless at the same time. For me they are nice to wear under a dress"                      

                                -Lori Anna Deez, Texas

"Saam ships quickly and gives personal attention. What I love about these leggings is that they are soft and very flattering! Why can't all leggings have a ruched flare at the ankle?                                               

                                      -Lori Anna Dees, Texas

"So amasing :) I love them! Thank you :)* "                                                                                             -Joana Pinto, Portugal

Stylist to the stars "Kristi Brooks" blogs about SaAmDesigns

If you should have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please do email me:  My website to see some of my work:

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